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Drader Heat Transfer Paste/Compound

Drader Heat Transfer Paste/Compound
Heat Transfer Paste - Drader Injectiweld
Market Price: £56.25
Price: £45.00
Product Code: Drader Heat Transfer Paste
Weight 0.45 kgs

Heat Transfer Paste/Compound

Comes in a 450gm (16oz) Tub with an applicator brush on the inside of the lid

Heat Transfer Paste is a heat sinking compound for improving the transfer of heat away from the heater into the application. Applying heat transfer paste over the surface of the heater fills holes and slight deformations to reduce hot spots and remove the air gap between the heater and the load. This improves the warm up time and increases the reliability of the heater.


The petroleum base material used in our heat transfer paste has a continuous operational temperature of 180ºC or 350°F. At this temperature, the paste offers both a corrosion protection and lubrication. When temperatures exceed 300ºC or 550F, the solid filters take over the job of preventing seizing and wear between the surfaces.


The Heat Transfer Paste is suitable for the following applications: -

Heater Bands

By brushing paste onto the barrel and on the inside of heater bands, this fills the tiny pores and should prevent air gaps under band type heaters. In turn this enables the heat to be more conducted away in a more uniformed manner; this should lead to an extended life and improved heat input.

Regarding heater bands that operate around 500C or 1000F, the petroleum based paste will decompose at 300°C or 550°F. This will leave behind solid fillers which will continue to aid in heat transfer and anti-wearing properties up to 1100°C or 2000°F.


Heater Cartridges

The paste should be applied liberally to the cartridge heaters providing a better heat transfer. This lets you safely use larger tolerances on cartridge heater holes. The paste should eliminate hot spots causing heater cartridges to burn out.


Solid State Relays

Apply the paste to the base of Solid State Relays before fitting to a metal surface or heat sink will improve the transfer of heat to the heat sink and increase the lifespan & reliability of the SSR (Solid State Relay).


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